Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Lake of Inspiration

Nicole Meyer has taken on the task of Branding Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes. "One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Everyday." This is vey cool stuff.

Growing up and spending nearly every summer weekend at my grandparents' cabin on Big Cormorant Lake, and being a designer myself, gives me a special appreciation for this project. But from a fishmods perspective, the MN lakes area has always been an incredible source of inspiration for me. My grandpa has always been a tinkerer and DIY guy. He would never pay someone to do something he could possibly do himself. Often times, when one is at The Lake*, unexpected projects come up and one does not always have all the proper material or equipment to adress said project as one would like to. This is when strong knack of improvisation is not only helpful, but necessary. I learned by watching my grandpa that when supplies are short, look for the potential in what you have around you. When you do that, a whole new world opens up. If you have a need, you are no longer confined to what can only be bought on shelves. If you can't find it, make it yourself. It was that kind of inventive attitude that got mankind to where we are today. Unfortunately, people are forgetting that we have that ability. That is why I started fishmods. To remind people that creativity and invention are inside all of us. And once a person taps that potential, nothing can stop them.

Who knew a few logos for some lakes could drum up such emotion! Nicole, I LOVE what you are doing with the lakes logos and I can't wait to see how Big Cormorant turns out.

* For those of you not from the MN lakes area, "The Lake" is how people from this area refer to the lake that they frequent. A common conversation among two Minnesotans could go something like this:

MN1: "Hey Pete! What are you and the Missus up to this weekend, then?"

MN2: "Oh, not a whole lot. We'll probably head down to The Lake Friday night."

MN1: "Yeah, I hear it's s'posed to be nice on Saturday. We'll probably head to The Lake too."

Chances are these two people have cabins on two different lakes, but it is perfectly acceptable to refer to your own lake as if it were the the only one in all of Minnesota.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Unhinged: Part I

I hate bi-fold closet doors with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but anytime I have moved into a new space, the first thing I do is eliminate all of those hollow, finger-pinching menaces and replace them with curtains. I find that bi-fold doors are usually left open in which case they are only taking up valuable closet space. In the past, the removed doors would be folded and neatly stacked in the garage for reinstallation upon moving out. I wouldn't want to force my doorless beliefs on the next occupant. Maybe two, pressed-sawdust planks loosely cobbled together with dime-store hinges and a prayer are exactly what their storage cove needs. That's their prerogative and none of my beeswax. Recently, though, I came up with a few new uses for those wretched faux wood-grain, Ikea shelf wannabes.

A friend of mine was as sick of her closet doors as I was of mine. I told her to take them off but she didn't know what to do with them once removed. After surveying the situation, I realized she was also in dire need of a headboard. Killing two decorative birds with one stone, we removed the doors and put them behind her bed as a dramatic wooden headboard. As you can see, she was delighted with the outcome. The top of the doors could use a little dressing up, but this was a very quick, easy, and best of all, FREE fix.